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MHS delivers the most reliable and flexible hot runner solutions and mold design tools available. Our engineering team is committed to proactive and complete design and development support. That means we work harder and quicker than any other hot runner supplier to offer you new design ideas and mold concepts using both standard and custom Rheo-Pro® hot runner components. All our system designs are backed by our industry leading warranty, our long history of innovation and reliability, and our full range of in-house analysis and testing capabilities. Your customers are our customers, together we can deliver the best solutions. 

Hot Runner Mould

5 drop cascade injection mold with core side slides for PBT GF-60% weldline-free battery housing 260 x 280 x 520 mm

Large Hot Runner System

Rheo-Pro® N20 valve gate hot runner system for weldline-free cascade injection of automotive engine cover, material PA66 GF 35%


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MHS delivers

  Pro-active design support  
  Fast, in-house analysis and simulation  
  Structural integrity of the mold  
  Optimal cooling performance  
  Ease of maintenance  
  Efficient hot runner integration  
  Comprehensive and systematic documentation   

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